v dolini reke Soče od 1993


ŽAGA 151

5230 BOVEC

tel: 00386 31 620636


I. The meeting place for all our activities is our sports centre in Žaga next to Bovec, 15 minutes before the fixed hour.

2. All the needed equipment is our concern, you just take a swimming suit and T- shirt  with you.

3. The centre provides you with a parking place, changing rooms, toilettes and a picnic and snack place.

4. All the activities take place from April to October in every weather (even in the rain our activities are a great fun -YOU'LL GET WET IN ANY CASE ).

5. To join us is important that you are not under effect of any drug or alcohol and you must be able to swim.

6. By the time you join us in our activities, you must have turned 14 yet. In summer, with low water level, if in parents' charge, rafting is appropriate for kids, also ( but not under 8 years ).

7. The best rafting season is the snow-melting period in April-may or anytime after heavy raining.

8. Bookings obligatory. In this case we'll need your name, day and hour of your arrival ( 10h, 13:30 or 16h ), the chosen activity, the number of participants and a mobile telephone number.

9. In case of not arrivall please let us know at any time

10. Payments in cash or with Master card or VISA are due at your arrival to the sports centre.