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bungee jumping

It's a real challenge for those, who like adrenaline and facing the fear! A jump with an elastic rope, "bungee jumping", is a sports activity enrapturing more and more people all over the world. It's a jump into a dreamworld.

Bungee jumping is organized 1x on weekend on Saturday or Sunday. The final confirmation we give on Thursday after 8.00 ! For groups it is necessary to make a reservation till Wednesday. For reservation 00386 65 601087 , topbungee@gmail.com  -  www.bungee.si

Bungee jumping is posible for everyone between 48 -120 kg of weight.

Jump from the bridge of Solkan near Nova Gorica is the only one Bungee center in Slovenia. The bridge is situated close to the town, over the Soča river. The bridge height is 55 meters.

Preparations - The blood pressure raises in the moment you're fastened to the rope!
Excitement- Fastened to the rope you stel on the platform. When you catch the sight of the depth below you are overfield with a 100% adrenaline.
Action- 3,2,1..Bungeeeee!! Push off into depth. It's too late to change your mind. You shout with joy- what a wonderful adventure!
Finish- When the jump is over, you enter the raft, get the certificate with the jump estimation mark and the discount coupon for the rafting and bungee jumping.

Bungee season
:  may, june, july, august, September, october
: once a week ( Saturday or Sunday ) from 10.00 till 16.00
: reservation is obligatory ( on Thursday before the weekend by phone )

Price include
: jump into a dreams

Special discounts for groups.

Personal equipment
: nothing special

Meeting point
: at the appointed time at the bridge of Solkan near Nova Gorica.

For navigation you can put in GOOGLEMAPS : Top  bungee

Reservation / Info

TOP GO d.o.o.


tel.:  00386 65 601 087