v dolini reke Soče od 1993

TOP d.o.o. Nova Gorica - Bungee jumping

Industrijska cesta 5

5000 Nova Gorica

tel: 00386 41 620636

TOP RAFTING d.o.o. Rafting, canyoning,...

Klanc 46

5230 BOVEC

tel: 00386 31 620636

gift voucher

Surprise your friends with something special!

In TOP Extreme we have decided to help you buy presents for your closest friends! Give them a present that involves BUNGEE JUMPING from the bridge of Solkan, RAFTING down the green-blue river SOČA, the unforgettable CANYONING or some other activity from our selection! It is up to you!



RAFTING = 36,00 euro
EXTREME day (raft,bungee) = 80,00 euro
CRAZY day (canyoning,raft) = 75,00 euro
ADRENALIN day ( bungee, canyoning ) = 90,00 euro


The gift certificate is numbered and transferable, so you can give it to anybody!

It is valid for the current season and can be used at anytime after previous notice.


The exact amount to be paid  will be sent by e-mail. You can transfer the money to our transaction account or send it by mail to our address. After payment, the gift certificate and the invoice will be sent to you by e-mail in 3 days after payment !You can then give the gift certificate to the person it is intended for.

Important information for payment:
Paid by: Your Name and surname
Purpose of transfer: gift certificate for (raft, canyoning, bungee,...)
Recipient: TOP d.o.o. Nova Gorica, Industrijska cesta 5, 5000 Nova Gorica
 IBAN: SI56051008010823252 ,  BIC (swift): ABANSI2X xxx  

If you need additional information::

topbungee@gmail.com  or 00386 41620636